Art at the Ming Art Gallery
Art at 51 Wilbury Road
Hove Arts is a friendly, diverse group of local artists and venues/supporters who have been enjoying the benefits of coordinated collaboration for 18 years. Originally formed to participate in the Brighton & Hove Umbrella programme, they have been growing ever since. Developing Hove’s artistic centre with a living network of open houses, studios and workshops is central to the group’s aim.

Works include, but are in no way restricted to: painting, sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, prints, drawing, mixed media, photography, furniture, glass and textiles. If you’re a locally based artist interested in expanding your audience, or have a space, and an interest in getting further involved with local arts, Hove Arts may be just the place for you.

The variety of venues on the Hove Art trail offers visitors the unique opportunity of viewing works where they are created in workshops and studios. There are garden studios to enjoy and access to some of Hove’s beautiful homes filled with all manner of creative endeavour. The quality of work exhibited in Hove has been loudly praised and footfall to venues increases year upon year. This would have been substantially more difficult to achieve without the loyal support of our sponsors, so a big thank you goes out to those people and companies who have embraced Hove Arts and the practicalities needed for such communities to thrive.

The Artists’ Open House Group will continue to be a focal point for the group, but H.A. will also be involving itself with other annual events. The art trails published for the Brighton Festival provide a highly effective tool for visitors to discover the artist working and living in the city, and visiting the Open Houses is not only a great day out, but also supports the growth of Hove’s cultural and artist centre.

Please feel free to get in touch to discover more about Brighton Festival and why it has been so important to the artists who have joined this community.
Art at ArtShedHove
Art at the Mono Mono Workshop